Dear Seeds,

We are following with concern but also with HOPE the unfolding of the events related to the current world pandemic. We also encourage you to stay informed, safe and responsible.

As regarding our main event for this summer, Solar Seeds Gathering 2020, scheduled between the 1st and the 9th of August 2020, we have FAITH it will still be happening, according to these dates or at most postponed a few weeks. It all depends on how soon Romania comes out of this pandemic and the authorities approve the event. We have the resources and commitment to build the festival structures, so if by the middle of July we get all necessary permissions WE WILL GO ON with the gathering.

We had planned a small eco-event this month, 22-26 of April, called ૐPlant a Tree ૐ – with the idea of planting a tree for each ticket sold. Unfortunately, this event has to be postponed, to 22-27 of September.

Our cultural scene is a small and fragile one, but together we can make things happen! How can you HELP? Here are some guidelines:
– share pictures and videos from past Solar Seeds events
– support the artists, promote them and buy their music online
– attend and promote virtual events
– donate when you can, for causes, for artists, for festivals
– wait or skip asking for refunds (the events will be not canceled just postponed, the money goes to organizers that keep the scene alive)
– get in touch with each other, help each other, stay safe

Please let us know your opinion and suggestions, give us some good vibes and feedback.

Thank you!
Solar Seeds Transylvania

01-09 August 2020


In 2020 we are inviting you back into the heart of Transylvania for a journey together with yourSelf, all the other S(elves); the mountain, the forest and the musical medicine unleashing your highest potential starting with:

GOA GIL – TRANCE DANCE INITIATION 24 Hours or More … on the 1st of August, opening our minds, hearts and bodies


FULL MOON MONDO with a 25 Hours set on the 3th of August

together with an amazing line-up of artists, performers, speakers, educators, healers … filling up the 3 stages and other areas of the 7th edition of Solar Seeds Transylvania Gathering in the name of love, eternal groove and unified field of life – bringing you an abundance of sound-frequencies from psy all the way to the technowaves of the same ocean!

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